20.–21. april 2024 ❶ Premiere

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19:00, Store scene

19:00, Store scene

AFTERLIFE is a full-length computer game opera developed by the interdisciplinary arts and music duo ONLY SLIME, consisting of Tobi Pfeil and Claudia Cox. The opera questions life after death and the meaning of life, playfully combining elements from Greek mythology, contemporary internet-culture, simulation theory, AI-generated material and computer-game storytelling techniques in an operatic form that is both fun, thought-provoking and transgressive in its combination of music, technology and live performance.

Using real-time motion tracking and hyperpop-inspired autotune vocals with electronics, two performers on stage control two avatars in a game engine on their existential search for meaning and purpose - as we follow them on their descent into death and non-existence. This use of a game engine in a staged performance is unique - and explores an innovative mode of interaction with technology, mirroring the increasingly technological lifestyle of today.

Transgressive and interdisciplinary by nature, ONLY SLIME evades labels and genres in their search for new forms of expression and storytelling in the contemporary music, performance and arts scene. Combining their background in punk, classical music, computer games, free jazz, acrobatics, hyperpop, experimental theater, electronic music production and film, the duo seeks a playful limitlessness through vastly different mediums and artistic modes of expressions.

ONLY SLIME consists of Claudia Cox, also known under her hyperpop moniker Peri Winkle, who, in addition to her work as an artist and vocalist, opened Wiener Festwochen as a violinist and acrobat. The other member is Tobi Pfeil, who has worked on everything from immersive VR-experiences at the Venice Biennale, to creating award-winning sound installations in abandoned factory halls.

The duo is currently working on their debut album release, a VR installation, and further international collaborations with other ensembles and artist collectives around the world.

+ 20 April premiere party with DJ set
DJta9ta9 plays psychedelic anime music + japanese 80s synth wave disco

+ 21 April / Aftertalk with Tobi Pfeil and Claudia Cox
Meet Tobi Pfeil and Claudia Cox in a conversation with Anna Penkova after the performance

Age limit: 15 years

Note. The performance contains strobe lights

Extended program Spring 2024
  • Duration 105 minutter
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