Eva Rowson & Sonia Fernández Pan – We don’t stop, together (#1–#2 2018–2019)

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As part of collaboration with Karmaklubb* during Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2021, we are presenting several books and publications by Karmaklubb*!

Those texts by Eva Rowson and Sonia Fernández Pan are the first of Karmaklubb* series of essays, interviews, and other written encounters on hybrid spaces — from art institutions to club spheres – crossing communities, and gender in flux. The publications is an extension of the Karmaklubb*s Talks & screenings (on various forms of queerness)-program aiming to create a platform for an open feminist, queer discourse.

You can order both editions of We don’t stop, together:

  • We don’t stop, together. An interview with Sonia Fernández Pan & Eva Rowson (2018)
  • We don’t stop, together #2. A conversation between Eva Rowson and Sonia Fernández Pan (2019)

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