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De Utvalgte

Skipet Vol. 5 Short cuts

15. sep. – 23. sep. 2018

Premiere. Ultimafestivalen 2018

Nordstrand Steinbrudd, Nesodden 15.09.2018 21:30

Nordstrand Steinbrudd, Nesodden 16.09.2018 21:30

Nordstrand Steinbrudd, Nesodden 20.09.2018 21:30

Nordstrand Steinbrudd, Nesodden 21.09.2018 21:30

Nordstrand Steinbrudd, Nesodden 22.09.2018 21:30

Nordstrand Steinbrudd, Nesodden 23.09.2018 21:30

De Utvalgte’s show tonight, Sept 21st, is cancelled. Due to the weather forecast the show tonight is unfortunately cancelled. If you already bought a ticket for tonight’s viewing, contact Ticketmaster to exchange to the shows on Saturday and Sunday or for a refund.

De Utvalgte ongoing site specific series, The Ship, has landed at Malérargues in France, a forest on the coast of Western Norway, a housing block in Greenland, Black Box teater in Oslo, and Terschelling in the Netherlands.

For its fifth instalment, The Ship will tie up on the coast next to a remote, atmospheric cliff edge on the Nesodden peninsula in the Oslo fjord, a scar excavated in the landscape where relics of mysterious, debauched celebrations wait to be discovered. Here, De Utvalgte, gathers a mix of experienced and amateur performers, will conduct the latest of their remarkable happenings responding to the natural and historical qualities of the geographic location in actions and eclectic musical approaches.

The Ship and the journey represent a quest for survival, new lands and possible futures. Working with technology, nature and cultural imprints, the production focuses on the theme of hubris.

In collaboration with Ultimafestivalen

Nordstrand Steinbrudd, nederst i Kvistemyrveien, Fjellstrand, Nesodden

How to get there
Alternative 1From Aker Brygge by boat B10 at 19.33 to Nesoddtangen and onwards by bus 575 to Nordstrand (Nesodden) stop, arrival 20.16. Ten min. walk to venue. There will be possible to buy refreshments in the bar before, during, and after the performance.

Alternative 2From Aker Brygge by boat B10 at 20.33 to Nesoddtangen and onwards by bus 575 to Nordstrand (Nesodden) stop, arrival 21.16. Ten min. walk to venue. Extra buses will be set up on this departure.

Return from venue: Bus 575 at 23.29 to Nesoddtangen, boat B10 at 00.00 (arrival Aker brygge at 00.23). Extra buses will be set up on this departure.

Arrival by car: Cars can be parked at Svestad brygge (10 min. walk by the fjord). The gate at the parking closes at midnight and everyone have to leave the area.

We recommend to dress warmly and wear good shoes. Refreshments can be bought before and during the performance.

Return from venue
Bus 575 at 23.29 to Nesoddtangen, boat B10 at 00.00 (arrival Aker brygge at 00.23). Extra buses will be set up on this departure.

De Utvalgte deals with contemporary theater and their performances are moving in the borderland between theater, visual art and performance. They create a distinctive and multifaceted expression through the assembly of self-made instruments such as video, text, sound and music. Earlier works includes Beginnings (2016), The Art of Being Tamed (2011) and Shadows (2009) to name a few.


Regi, mellotron / Direction, mellotron: Kari Holtan. Perkusjon / Percussion: Eirik Raude. Vokal / Vocal: Juliana Venter. Bass, gitar / Bass, guitar: Jonas Hestvik Dahl. Lyd, elektronikk / Sound, electronic: Jon Selvik Platou. Rapper: Nils Bjellan Grønvold. Teknisk regi, video, lys / Technical direction, video, light: Boya Bøckman. Dramaturg / Dramaturge: Anne Holtan. Scenografiassistent / Scenography assistant: Helle Bendixen. Produsent / Producer: Morten Kippe. Produksjonsassistent / production Assistant: Ida Holthe Lid.
Med / With: Torbjørn Davidsen, Zett Davidsen, Juliana Venter, Pelle Ask, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Nils Bjelland Grønvold, Ida Holthe Lid, Eva Berit Bøe Moen, Hans Wedvik, Kari Vik Knutsen, Stein Davidsen, Tommy Olsson, Patricia, Tomas, Pablo, Majed, Nawaf, Ghazi, Efrem, Hamnas, Safi, Khaled, Ibrahim, Saad, Hasib og Khial. Co-produsenter / Co-produced by: Black Box teater (Oslo), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen). Støttet av / Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd / Arts Council Norway. Produsert av / Produced by: De Utvalgte i samarbeid med / in cooperation with: Black Box teater, Ultima.