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Oslo Kulturnatt

Mette Edvardsen & Matteo Fargion: Notes on blue

13. sep. 2019

Fri entré / Free entrance

Foajé 13.09.2019 22:00

13. september 22.00. Free entrance.

Penelope Sleeps, presented in collaboration with Ultima Festival is Mette Edvardsen´s latest piece, created in collaboration with the composer Matteo Fargion, defined as an opera in essay form.
By “essay”, the artists intend to present a performance in which opera is the starting point, without any of its traditional grand gestures and narrative. The piece is a beautifully woven experience that combines voice and music, stories and singing, space and scale.

For Oslo Kulturnatt, Mette Edvardsen and Matteo Fargion will share outtakes and afterthoughts from Penelope Sleeps, in texts and in music. As an appendix to the piece, this intimate and privilege moment will be a collection of elements and material, which appeared during the rehearsal process. Though they were not kept for the piece, they nevertheless carry their own qualities.


Mette Edvardsen works within the performing arts field, and explores other media or other formats such as video, books and writing. She has an interest in language, and choreography and music as language. She contributes to publications, and is regularly teaching, mentoring and involved in jury work at several arts institutions. She is currently a research fellow at Oslo Arts Academy and associated artist at Black Box teater.

Matteo Fargion is a composer, performer and teacher. His interest in collaborative work began in the 1980’s  when he met choreographer Jonathan Burrows, and the two have to date created 10 duets and other works, which combine the formality of classical music composition with an open and anarchic approach towards performance.  Matteo has recently also worked with Thomas Ostermeier, Claire Croize and Andrea Spreafico, and written music for Edvarden’s oslo. 


Text: Mette Edvardsen. Music: Matteo Fargion