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Lille Leiolf

6. nov. – 9. nov. 2019

Store scene 06.11.2019 19:00

Store scene 07.11.2019 19:00

Store scene 08.11.2019 19:00

Store scene 09.11.2019 19:00

Lille Leiolf is a performance about the ambitious and demanding process of writing a fourth act to Ibsen’s Little Eyolf. 

We meet a director who, together with three actors, makes an attempt to create a contemporary sequel by moving Ibsen’s characters into the present.

In Ibsen’s play we meet Rita and Alfred Almers. Rita is jealous of her son Eyolf, the poor lame boy who receives Alfred’s full attention. When Eyolf drowns Rita and Alfred experience intense emotion and are full of reproach, but only a few hours after the accident, they are reconciled. They make a plan to start a boys’ home they will run together. 

Something remains unresolved in Little Eyolf, and Lille Leiolf’s director wants to dive deeper into Ibsen’s characters and suggest how things might develop between Rita and Alfred when establishing the orphanage together. Should they create something else instead, considering the action is being moved to our own time? The dramatist has made several suggestions, but there is severe disagreement about which is the right course of action. And is it certain that Eyolf really drowned? Wasn´t it just the crutch that lay floating?

This performance is not for kids. Can be seen by youth from +16 year
+ Aftertalk 7. november
Aftertalk with the artists behind Lille Leiolf, Eirik Willyson and Hildur Kristinsdottir. The conversation will be in Norwegian.

Eirik Willyson and Hildur Kristinsdottir have previously presented Synkehull at Black Box teater, and they are also behind the series Klassikere for Kids (Classics for kids). Kristinsdottir is an associated artist at Black Box teater.

Av / by: Kristinsdottir/Willyson. Regi / direction: Hildur Kristinsdottir. Dramaturg: Eirik Willyson. Lyd, musikk / sound, music: Martin Langlie. Lys / light: Oscar Udbye. Video: Oscar Udbye, Anders Borchgrevink, Lukasz Zamaro, Mattias Pollak. Scenografi / scenography: Hildur Kristinsdottir, Oscar Udbye, Katja Ebbel. Produsenter / producer: Anders Borchgrevink. Skuespillere / actors: Josephine Kylén­Collins, Håkon Vassvik, Per Magnus Barlaug, Hildur Kristinsdottir. Co-produksjon: Black Box teater (Oslo), Rosendal Teater (Trondheim), BIT teatergarasjen (Bergen). Støttet av / support by: Dramatikkens hus, Kulturrådet. Takk / thanks: Arne Husjord, Ida Willassen.