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Kollektive samtaler

i forlengelse av #metoo

27. feb. –21. mai 2019

Foajé 27.02.2019 19:00

Foajé 21.05.2019 19:00

Collective conversations to produce change in continuation of #metoo, #nårdansenstopper,#stilleøfropptak and #ikkehososs

For freelance and independent workers in the sector; dancers, choreographers, performers, directors, producers and organisations.

It is now more than a year since #metoo started the vogue for necessary conversations, a new awareness and disruption of power structures. In order to activate positive change for a safer space for the independent performing arts sector, it takes time to find the appropriate language, to reflect upon the ethical implications, to formulate the changes needed, to consider new frameworks, and to re-examine roles and responsibilities.

The work to establish safe spaces requires a continuous conversation that includes many voices and perspectives. It obliges us to take into consideration various positions, as an artist, maker, performer, institution, director or administrator. Taking an horizontal and bottom up approach, we wish to invite members of the independent sector to join us for two open and reflective conversations during Spring 2019. What are the changes that we need to make? How do we activate them? What are the necessary structures, procedures and routines that will enable us to promote positive change as well as the action we need to take when a case occurs? These questions will be defined by the participants, and suggestions discussed as part of a collective process.
The goal may not be to reach a consensus, but to work for greater transparency and an awareness that we need to be always open to a process of continuous learning how and where we can create safe spaces together. The conversation will start with short introductions from individuals who have worked to analyse and implement change after #metoo. The introductions will be followed by open conversations and the creation of working groups, inviting everyone to share their questions, thoughts and proposals. The idea is to allow the conversation to be in motion and alive as well as to suggest concrete proposals and solutions. In desire to create sace spaces, the conversation is kept confidential while the proposals are passed on. This collective process will continue this fall and the following years. We will be sharing the collective knowledge from this process with BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen and Avantgarden in Trondheim.

About Black Box teater´s role:
When initiating those conversations, Black Box teater is aiming at proposing the space for the conversations. We wish to be a participant and contributor to the conversations together with the other participants, encouraging as much as possible an horizontal approach.

Introduction by Hannah Helseth, author of the book Det jeg skulle sagt – håndbok mot seksuell trakassering (Writter together with Anja Sletteland)
Moderator: Gull Øzger

  • February 27 and May 21, 19.00–22.00
  • Black Box teater Foyer
  • Photo: Istvan Virag. The photo was taken at another event at Black Box teater