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Winter Family

H2 – Hebron

25. sep. –26. sep. 2019

Store scene 25.09.2019 19:00

Store scene 26.09.2019 19:00

The Palestinian city of Hebron, under Israeli control, is divided into zones.

Shuhada Street, the central street of H2 Zone, is now “sterilized” according to the terminology used by the Israeli army, that is to say, emptied of its Palestinian inhabitants for “security reasons”. Today it is a ghost street, where destinies and narratives intersect, juxtaposes, observes and clashes in a dramatic and absurd microcosm.

Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine, from Winter Family, travelled to Hebron and collected 500 interviews each offering a different perspective of the conflict. Palestinians, settlers, soldiers, international activists told their particular story of Shuhada Street and shared their fears, hopes and despairs. In H2 – Hebron, Rosenthal, alone on stage, plays a tour guide in an exact replica of the H2 Zone. She is both the audiences’ guide and the city herself as she builds it up piece by piece, voicing the conflict from the perspectives of all protagonists and sharing the feeling of exhaustion generated by an unbearable but enduring occupation.

+ Seminar
26. september kl. 16.00
Fritt Ord
Alongside this performance, we are organizing a seminar that through a few examples, will look at how art and artists investigate conflicts. How may their strategies challenge positions, perceptions and different ways of understanding?

Winter Family is based in Paris and consists of composer and theatre duo Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine. H2 – Hebron is their third documentary performance.

Konsept, research, intervjuer, regi, design / Conception, research, interviews, direction, design: Ruth Rosenthal, Xavier Klaine. Med / with: Ruth Rosenthal. Model / model maker: Quentin Brichet (printet av / printed by: Made-it, Geneva). Lys, teknisk manager / Lights, technical manager: Julienne Rochereau. Video: Olivier Perola. Opptak, lyd operatør / Recordings, sound operator: Xavier Klaine. Lyd / sound: Sébastien Tondo, Anne Laurin. Kunstnerisk samarbeid / artistic collaboration: Yael Perlman, Jérôme Vernez, Eric Fesneau. Oversettelse engelsk versjon / translation English version: Tamar Liza Cohen. Administrasjon, produksjon / administration, production: EPOC productions Emmanuelle Ossena & Charlotte Pesle Beal. Internasjonal booking / international booking: La Gosse Productions Adeline Ferrante. Produksjon / Production: Winter Family. Co-produksjon / Co-production: Kunstencentrum Vooruit Gand, Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, MC93 – Scène Nationale de Bobigny, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, TNB-Rennes, Centre Culturel ABC La Chaux-de-Fonds. Støttet av / Support by: La Fonderie, Le Mans, DRAC Ile-de-France.