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Findlay//Sandsmark (US/NO)

Biograph, last year was pretty/shitty

2. okt. – 3. okt. 2015

Store scene 02.10.2015 21:00

Store scene 03.10.2015 21:00

“Biograph, Last Year…” by the performance artists Iver Findlay and Marit Sandsmark explores the meaning of memory in the age of the selfie.” The New York Times

Biograph, last year was pretty/shitty meditates on nostalgia and its opposite in technology, making memory movements and attempting to erase everything that has come before and been recorded. It turns out that ’the good old times’ are not so good anymore.

Our innocence is missing, and by looking back we are trying to remember what we lost on the way. It is real, it is fake, I am you, and he is her. Concerned with everyone’s obsession of documenting their everyday life, and the feeling of a need to cling on to what just happened. Is it possible to create a nostalgia for the present?

By Findlay/Sandsmark with Pål Asle Pettersen and Joey Truman. In conversation/collaboration with Young Jean Lee, Ruud van den Akker, Victor Morales and Claudia La Rocco.  Light Design- Jean Vincent Kerebel.  Costume design in conversation with Thale Kvam Olsen. Co-production: Black Box Teater and BIT Teatergarasjen. Supported by:  Norsk Kulturråd, Stavanger Kommune Kulturbyfond, FFUK. Residency support from Tou Scene, DansiS, and Rogaland Teater.