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Welcome to Black Box teater!

Black Box teater was founded in 1985. It is one of the programming theaters in Norway, that co-produces and presents international and Norwegian contemporary performing art.
With a history of more than 30 years, Black Box teater has transformed to become what it is now: a theater with a strong artistic identity, dedicated to contemporary and experimental forms of performing art, programming Norwegian and international companies, emerging and established artists.
The program is characterized by a combination of artists who have a long relationship with Black Box teater and newcomers from Norway and elsewhere.

We are a theater that is attentive to experimentation and to transformation of performing arts today. Our program crosses disciplines, pays attention to multifaceted artists, and proposes connections with visual arts, music and literature, among others. In order to encourage spectatorship from an early age and generations, the program includes shows for kids/youth and families.
Black Box teater´s program is articulated through 2 seasons (fall season and spring season) and a festival Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival, that takes place every year in March.
Black Box teater is in dialogue with the city. Beyond the box, how can art enter our daily lives and generate forms of poetic relationships with our environment? We’re inviting artists and projects that incorporate Oslo as a field of exploration by working with the urban landscape, exploring our individual and collective memory, and involving the inhabitants. Part of the program takes place in cooperation with local, national and international partners.

Black Box teater’s signature is also its atmosphere: a joyful place with a generous and dedicated team and a curious audience, where artists feel confident to create and perform.

A laboratory
Many premieres take place at Black Box teater. This risk-taking attitude is a clear component of our identity. More than ever it is important to support experience, artistic processes and to encourage emerging artists, as well as artists with different backgrounds.
Black Box teater is a laboratory, a production space where artists can research, produce and present, in a context adjusted to the needs and specificities of each project.

Black Box teater is a meeting point for Norwegian and international performing arts, connecting international artists to a Norwegian context and stimulating international networks for Norwegian artists.

A space for contextualization and debates
We wish to be reflected and reflective, while stimulating dialogues between different practices and audiences. We propose conversations and debates, publications and other activities in connection with the artistic program.

An open house
Although the value of arts is intrinsic, it also relies on its capacity to develop links with audience and citizens. Our role is about art but also community building and socialization, a contribution to living together and creating temporary communities.

Programming is by invitation only. If you would like to submit your proposal for our consideration, please send it to: annececile (a) or karoline (a) Due to limited resources, we are not able to reply to all proposals.

Black Box teater is a part of the network WEB. The network is an answer to the need for better joint efforts and partnership within the performing arts, particularly in terms of exchange, research, production and presentation.

We recomend you have a look at the schedule at Teaterhuset Avant Garden (Trondheim) and BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen)

On this page you will fine text and publications, for example texts commissioned in the season catalogue or independent text collections.
Content coming soon.

There is no vacant positions at the moment.