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Tormod Carlsen (NO)

Seeing everything as landscape has been Tormod Carlsen’s longstanding fascination.

He has sought out places and contexts marked by paradox ever since he moved to Russia to train as a circus artist after completing his upper secondary education. In settings of contrast and opposition Carlsen finds the potential to twist a situation. In addition to Russia, he has studied theatre at the University of Teheran and directing at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

“I have been accused of being a tourist. I don’t commit myself just to one thing. Being a tourist can be something positive. It’s like walking in the mountains. You walk, you see a new mountain, and then another. It’s a constant search for new vistas.” Tormod Carlsen

Over time, landscape has become an artistic approach. Several of his projects can be characterized as long-term investigations of situations and questions that generate new works. This is especially true of his work with The National Theatre of Greenland and his project In The End We Are All Alone, a series of one-person theatres and interventions in public space, which he has been developing with scenographer Heidi Dalene. The second work in this series, O – The Healing Lump, will be part of Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2017.