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Hildur Kristinsdottir (NO)

Hildur Kristinsdottir is a Norwegian director and actor.

She has her education from the Academy of Performing Arts in Fredrikstad and she has a background from dance with an emphasis on breakdance. She premiered at Black Box teater in 2008 with the duo Søstrene Andrews and the performance Søstrene Andrews presenterer: Faen, verden brenner. In 2009 the duo also presented the performance Salt-N-Pepper serverer den tredje sjimpanse. Since 2010 Hildur has been working with the theater trilogy Klassikere for kids (Classics for kids), consisting of the performances Faust for kids (2012), To the Lighthouse (2013) and Crime and Punishment (2015).

“From being a dedicated breakdancer with a starting headspin-moon, my identity is now as an actor, although I actually mostly work as a director. When I started my journey in the performing arts I imagined that to be part of a theatercompany was a bit like a breakedance -crew, where we all had equal jackets with the company name embroidered on the back. But then I got the opportunity to work with constant new constellations of wonderful artists instead. But I still dream about that jacket.” Hildur Kristinsdottir

Classics for Kids is aiming to make selected classics accessible for kids. The company explore and challenge conventional theater for children, working under the mantra that all good themes are just as suitable for children as they are for adults. All three performances have been shown at Black Box teater and the first two were nominated for the Norwegian Hedda award in the category for children and youth. Classics for kids have been touring Norway to raving reviews from the audience and press. Faust for kids and To the Lighthouse has also been played in Denmark. As part of the duo Kristinsdottir/Willyson Hildur has recently directed the performance Synkehull that will be presented during Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival this spring. Hildur is currently working with the play Reven og Ulven, written by Nelly Winterhalder.