In rehearsal

Photo: Aurora Romano

Black Box teater wants to support the artists, the companies and their artistic development as much as possible. This includes providing rehearsal space and technical support. The two stages at Black Box teater are in constant use for new productions, guest performances, rehearsals/residencies and the occasional rental.

There is a lack of rehearsal spaces in Oslo. Therefore, we provide rehearsal space as much as possible. Black Box teater can provide three kinds of residencies/rehearsals:

  • Research period in studio condition (without technical support)
  • Rehearsal period in studio condition or with technical support for rig-in and rig-out
    • This rehearsal period can end with a process viewing: an open rehearsal which facilitates feedback and allows for a constructive conversation between the audience and the artists.
  • Final production period with technical support prior to the premiere

Priority is given to artists/companies who premiere at Black Box teater. This said, every season, one or two artists/companies who are not part of the program may have a research period. The number of rehearsal days at Black Box teater has increased over the past years and now constitute an average of 250 days a year.

We plan residencies and rehearsals 6 to 12 months in advance.