Solvang & Roel
UTOPIA – A dream play from Tøyen

UTOPIA – A dream play from Tøyen is a political platform and site-specific performance merged into one – a social dream project about searching for other ways of being, and for new ways of facing political challenges.

The world community is facing many crises that provide bleak future prospects. UTOPIA – A dream play from Tøyen is a constructive opposite to the gloomy direction the world is going in. Choreographer Maja Roel and playwright Toril Solvang have created a performance where young people from Tøyen, the capital's pearl of diversity and hipster mecca, are part of the artistic team.

Utopias, dreams of more just and harmonious societies, have been guidelines for several political struggles. Politics is change from the outside, but in this dream play we turn inwards. Because if we do not change from within, the world will exist as it is – and perhaps go to hell.

The belief in the imagination as something important in itself, as a vital creative force, is one of the mainstays of UTOPIA. Our ideas are shaped by dreams – dreams with the potential to make change. What do young people on the eastern edge of Oslo dream of? Solvang & Roel have fantasized about the “human animal”, a human being who can communicate in a different way and who has morphed into something that is more true to nature and himself. This project captures the dreams of Tøyen, and makes what we cannot see visible.

We dream of a premiere sometime in the future!

Solvang and Roel have previously worked with amplifying young people's voices in their work, as for example in their piece To Hjem (“Two Homes”) about children of divorced parents. Text and movement are eminent parts of their work that carries forward the pieces questions of the piece. UTOPIA is their fourth collaboration.

In collaboration with Nationaltheatret (the National Theatre in Oslo) .