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New publication – Publication 4
During Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020, we launched Black Box teater publication 4. By presenting different voices discussing different topics, we want to open up the possibility to access the art from many angles. In the previous publications we have aimed for multifaceted topics, while this will have a common thread: all texts are providing – in their own ways – new versions and readings of our common history. A rather narrow range of human types began writing the interpretation of world history. Some perspectives have been covered, while most perspectives are yet undescribed. This publication is an attempt to rewrite parts of the story and welcome more voices into the storytelling.
Duduzile Mathonsi reading from the Publication #4 during the book launch, which took place during Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020.
In Black Box teater publication 4, the following are contributing:
  • Jonas Eika received the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2019 for his short story collection After the Sun. In this publication, he writes about the 13th century beginers – a group of religious women who sought to live outside the patriarchy, society and the church.
  • Duduzile Mathonsi is a performing artist. She writes about healing rooms for Black women.
  • Trond Reinholdtsen is the opra director at Den Norske Opra. He writes about the history of this institution and its followers.
  • Saul Garcia Lopez is a member of the artist group La Potcha Nostra. He presents an ARTivist manifesto that blows the boundaries of gender, identity, culture and national borders.
  • Ingvild Langgård and Signe Becker have collaborated on several performances. In the publication, they meet in a conversation with Elin Grinaker. The text focuses on how archaeological finds have been interpreted by Victorian men, who left a fray of goddesses out of history – goddesses who were of great importance in prehistoric times. The photos are taken by Alette Schei Rørvik.


Saul Garcia-Lopez reading from the Publication #4 during the book launch, which took place during Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020.


Free delivery of Publication 4

The books are free and are usually available in the foyer of Black Box teater. In connection with the theater being closed through 19 April to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we offer free mail delivery of the new publication. We keep updated on the latest advise considering potential danger of infection by mailing, and will offer mailing as long as the situation does not worsen.

To receive a copy of Publication 4 in the mail, please send an e-mail with your full name and address to anna(a)


Read Publication 4 here (PDF)

  • Jonas Eika (Danish text) here
  • Jonas Eika (English text) here
  • Ingvild Langgård, Signe Becker and Alette Schei Rørvik here
  • Duduzile Mathonsi here
  • Trond Reinholdtsen here
  • Saul Garcia-Lopez here



Previous publications

In the fall of 2018, we released our first two books in a series we call Black Box teater Publication. The books are collections of commissioned texts that suggests different entry points to contextualise the artistic program of Black Box teater. They encompass diverse voices that, in their own way, offer multiple insights and perspectives on current questions, subject matter, artists and performances presented in our program. Some texts are in English, some in Norwegian.

In conjunction with Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival in March 2019, we released Publication 2 where the texts are linked to the artistic program at the festival. Publication 0 is a collection of texts that were printed in Black Box teaters programs from spring 2017 to spring 2018, while Publication 1 contains texts dealing with the artistic program in the autumn 2018.

Publication 3, released during fall 2019, is a collection of different voices that contribute to the development of language and perspectives presented in both the artistic and topical program of Black Box teater.

Read Publication 0 here (PDF):

  • Alexandra Balona about Marlene Monteiro Freitas here
  • Karmenlara Ely here
  • Brenda Dixon Gottschild here
  • Hild Borchgrevink here
  • Hildur Kristinsdottir & Eirik Willyson, interviewed by Venke Marie Sortland, here
  • Tormod Carlsen here
  • Melanie Fieldseth here
  • Ana Vujanovic here
  • Mette Edvardsen here
  • Mette Edvardsen & Juan Dominquez here


Read Publication 1 here (PDF):

  • Hild Borchgrevink here
  • Marie Nikazm Bakken & Fredrik Floen, interviewed by Runa Borch Skolseg, here
  • Charlotte Szász here
  • Gisèle Vienne here
  • Deise Faria Nunes here


Read Publication 2 here (PDF):

  • Karin Cerny here
  • Karmenlara Ely here
  • Annie Dorsen here
  • Deise Faria Nunes here
  • Juli Apponen in conversation with Elin Amundsen Grinaker here
  • Anja Sletteland here


Read Publication 3 here (PDF):

  • Camille Louis in conversation with Winter Family here
  • Lisa Lie here
  • Sonya Linfors & Maryan Abdulkarim here
  • Runa Borch Skolseg here
  • Iggy Lond Malmborg here