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Pluss pluss curated by Ingvild Langgård 29 October 2019

At a time of increasing awareness of the climate crisis, many voices speak about the urgency of tuning into the natural realm, to remember that we are but one of many parts in a big, vibrant tapestry of life forms that live and breathe together on this planet, interconnected and related.

Recent studies within post humanism, biology and biosemiotics are increasingly questioning the Descarterian thesis that the human species hold a privileged monopoly of thought and speech, or more importantly, of the definition of consciousness. How can we approach an understanding of the more-than-human versions of consciousness and communication? Minds like Donna Haraway and her idea of multi-species storytelling, David Abram´s opening to a new earthly cosmology, or Monica Gagliano´s experiments in plant consciousness are all different approaches to this.

May we through the practice of art making, which itself may be a practice of deep listening, be able to tune in and connect to these other than human life forms, to reach a state of connection, communication, community, communion?

This Fall Pluss Pluss is looking for art works and expressions that in some way seek towards or departs from an exploration of the possible interconnectedness with the more-than-human world.

We welcome different forms and formats. The practice may be performance, music, art, text, installation or relational projects, new or already existing works. The chosen works will be presented at Black Box teater, and we may use the small stage, the foyer and corridors. We may assist in simple technical needs. There is a small fee, and some material and travel costs will be covered.

The application should contain a short bio (app 2000 characters), a short project description (maximum 4000 characters) and visual/audio presentations of the work.

Send project description to Ingvild Langgård – email: ingvlang(a)

Deadline: 15 september, 2019