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Pluss Pluss curated by Ingeleiv Berstad
14, 15, 16 May 2019
++ Grønlandsleiret 47a: A space for the realm of future bodies, potential ways of being, and being together. It is a short process that requires spontaneity.

++ will this time invite three artists/group of artists to inhabit a singular space one day each. 
We invite you to propose a project for Grønlandsleiret 47a. The space has earlier been a flower shop, a kiosk, a hairdresser and Somatøs Samling – an art project by Ingeleiv Berstad & Pernille Holden. It is located in a busy street surrounded by Grønland Police Station, Grønland Church, and several small shops. 
We invite you to imagine a performative porous space where it is possible think, do and fantasize around future bodies and potential forms of being, and being together. 
We welcome various forms, formats and mediums. It can be a performance, a concert or an exhibition, an installation. 
You can propose a new idea that you would like to experiment or an existing work.

You will have the space to open up your proposal for one day, and you can organize time how you want: an open day, set time(s) for a specific happening(s) etc. 
We encourage people who have an interest in this particular space, location and neighborhood to apply.

You can apply as a group or as an individual. 
It is possible to get some days in the space to work previous to the event. We will find out in dialogue with the artists once the program is set how the working schedule will be shared between the attending artists. 
The space is 50 m2 and is empty. We can accommodate simple technical needs.

There is a small budget for material costs and fees that we will divide between the three groups when we know the needs.

Send project proposal to Ingeleiv Berstad – email: ingeleiv(a)
Deadline: April 26, 2019