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Welcome to seminars, debates and conversations with artists at Black Box teater!In connection with our artistic program, we invite various voices to share their practice, explore art from different angles and allow for conversations across fields of knowledge and artistic disciplines.

This fall, debates and seminars will take place in connection with the following artists and projects:
Kim Hiorthøy -Read more
Gisèle Vienne -Read more
Ingrid Fiksdal – Read more
Pia Maria Roll / Hanan Banammar / Sara Baban / Marius von der Fehr – Read more
Têtes à Têtes: Drawing Workshop for kids and adults -Read more

The contextualizing program is updated on during the season.
Groups who would like to meet the artists can contact us at blackbox(a)

Photo: Istvan Virag / Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2018