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Compagnie O / Bouchra Ouizguen (MA)


23. aug. –24. aug. 2018

Foajé 23.08.2018 19:00

Botanisk hage 24.08.2018 17:00

“The emergence of difference from sameness is one of the central preoccupations of Bouchra Ouizguen’s Corbeaux which combines the qualities of moving sculpture and sound installation as black-robed women utter piercing cries and abruptly jerk their heads backward as they move through a site-specific space with ritualized, repetitive intent.” The New York Times

“An experience. This is the word that comes to mind to describe “Corbeaux”.. A piece that seems both mystical and confusing, experimental and contemporary. In any case, we are more than intrigued.” Time Out ParisIn her work Corbeaux, meaning crows (or ravens in French), Bouchra Ouizgen offers us an intensely cathartic experience, The piece expresses the Moroccan choreographer’s wish to make use of non-theatre spaces, with a ritualistic performance work akin to a living sculpture, a stirring display of movement and sound. A silent group of women dressed in black form geometric alchemical  shapes before their extraordinary shrieks and ecstatic movement dispels all notions of time and space. The ensuing experience is both intimate and universal, and evokes raw emotions in the audience, linked to our cultural and spiritual origins. Its impact lingers leaving us feeling dazed and weary, as if we have just been on a very long journey.

Free entrance. You don´t need to book a ticket in advance.
23.08.2018 19:00 Black Box teater, Foajé

24.08.2018 17:00 Botanical garden, Sars gate 1

Bouchra Ouizguen is a Moroccan dancer and choreographer. She currently lives and works in Marrakech where she has, since 1998, focussed her energies in developing the local dance community. As a self-taught woman and dancer since her youth, Ouizgen’s  first experimental pieces was inspired by her interests in cinema, literature and music. Her concerns with Moroccan society, visual arts and popular arts nourish her work. Corbeaux was first presented at the Marrakech Biennial in 2014. In 2017, she created the piece Jerada for the dancers of Carte Blanche, the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance, which received the Norwegian Critics’ Association’s 2017 Award in the Dance Category.


Kunstnerisk leder / Artistic director: Bouchra Ouizguen. Kunstnere / Artists : Kabboura Aït Ben Hmad, Khadija Amrhar, Zahra Bensllam,  Fatima El Hanna, Milouda El Maataoui, Hasnae El Ouarga, Fatna Ibn El Khatyb, Halima Sahmoud, Malika Soukri, Joséphine Tilloy, Julie Viala. Produsent / Administrator: Mylène Gaillon. Produksjon / Production: Compagnie O. Co-produksjon / Co-production: Services de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle de l’Ambassade de France à Rabat. Logistisk støtte / Logistical support: French Institute in Marrakech.